❗️Native Staking Continues with 500,000 MARSH surplus Rewards in the Same Contract

2 min readApr 10, 2022


Ser, when next staking?
Ser, will the staking continue?
Ser, where to stake next?

Dear #Marshians,

We know you’ll have been keenly awaiting the next phase of the staking program with lucrative rewards. The previous staking program ran for 90 days incentivizing all participants with a massive reward pool of 500,000 $MARSH tokens.

Thanks for the humongous positive response from our community.

As you know… we never disappoint you!

The new staking program is all set to reward you with the same amount of massive rewards for over 90 more days.

🙅‍♂️Sit Back & Enjoy. No need to Unstake

Yes, you heard that right. The contract was designed to be flexible in terms of changing the end block number while keeping the continuation of the staking program in mind if necessary. So there is no need for participants to unstake their tokens from the portal, as we will continue to incentivize with the current staking contract itself.

This will also help users to save a moderate amount of gas fees as well.

🔑Key Info

🟢 Rewards: 500,000 $MARSH
🟢 Period: 90 Days
🟢 Start: 10 Apr, 12 PM UTC | 5.30 PM IST
🟢 Lock-in Period: 7 Days
🟢 Claim Delay: No

If you’re new to the staking Portal

👉Where to stake: stake.unmarshal.io

👉How to stake: blog.unmarshal.io/marsh-native-staking-wiki-b563ba56e1f3

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