Empowering the Future of Real-World Assets with Unmarshal Data Infrastructure

4 min readMay 20, 2024


Hello, Marshians!

Exciting news! We’re thrilled to announce our support for the Redbelly Network, unlocking limitless possibilities for groundbreaking dApps in the blockchain ecosystem.

With Unmarshal’s integration, builders on Redbelly Network can unleash their dApps’ full potential. Our robust data infrastructure ensures comprehensive and reliable services, empowering developers to build and scale projects with confidence.

What is Redbelly?

Redbelly Network is the world’s only Public Purpose-Built Real-World Asset Tokenisation Network, projected to become a top player in Global Real-World Asset Tokenisation What sets Redbelly apart is its scientific approach followed by years of rigorous research, peer-reviewed studies, and proven methodologies.

🛠 Unmarshal’s Tech Stack for Redbelly Network

  1. The Wallet Transaction History API: logs all asset transfers that occur on Redbelly, ensuring comprehensive records of transactions.
  2. The Contract Transaction History API: returns the complete transaction history for a specific token based on its contract address on Redbelly, providing detailed insights into token transfers.
  3. The Decoded Transaction API: provides a detailed description and breakdown of specific transactions on Redbelly, offering in-depth information about their components and attributes.
  4. The Wallet Balance API: accurately tracks and maintains users’ asset balances on Redbelly, providing real-time updates on their holdings.
  5. The Token Store API endpoint: allows users to access detailed information about a specific token by searching its contract address on Redbelly , facilitating easy retrieval of token-related data.
  6. The Block Details API: when provided with a block number, retrieves and presents comprehensive information about the block on Redbelly, including its content and attributes.
  7. Price Store API contains endpoints that provide the latest price of a token as well as the historical price of the tokens. These can also be LP tokens.


Unmarshal Parser is fully compatible with Redbelly Network, allowing developers to index events and functions related to any smart contract deployed on Redbelly and other EVM-based chains. This powerful tool enables the decoding and indexing of data, making it accessible through Metabase Dashboards and GraphQL APIs. Developers can set up their own indexers on console.unmarshal.io to get started effortlessly.

Smart Notifications

Unmarshal’s Smart Notification feature delivers instant, at-a-glance alerts for triggered smart contract events. Integrate Web3 notifications seamlessly into your dApp and send alerts across multiple devices using Firebase. Check out our comprehensive guide below for a simple integration process.

YouTube Tutorial Video:



Unmarshal has seamlessly integrated Redbelly \with Xscan, our proprietary universal blockchain explorer. Xscan provides a comprehensive view of blockchain data, allowing wallet explorers to track asset portfolios across multiple chains, including Redbelly Network.

Upcoming Integration: (Coming Soon)

SAKHI, our AI-based chatbot tool, will revolutionize blockchain communication. By combining AI and blockchain, we aim to enhance data accessibility for all Web3 users. Stay tuned for exciting updates on this innovative product!

Why BUIDL on Redbelly Network with Unmarshal❓

Unmarshal offers seamless integration with Redbelly Network, providing a range of features such as Smart Notifications, Private Nodes, Event Logs, Address Tracking, and more. Here’s what sets Unmarshal apart from other providers:


Unmarshal APIs are highly reliable, with minimal downtime and latency. We’ve achieved an impressive 99% uptime, serving 1.2 B+ requests, with an average latency of 240ms.

Multi-chain compatibility:

Unmarshal is your one-stop solution for deploying applications across 15+ EVM-based chains. Our indexing capabilities cover a wide range of chains, ensuring seamless multi-chain integration.

Data Transformation Tools:

Empowering users with data transformation tools, Unmarshal allows you to index smart contracts and build custom APIs & analytics dashboards. Take control of your data and leverage it to its full potential.

For a full list of Unmarshal APIs, please visit docs.unmarshal.io.

Sign up for our services at console.unmarshal.io.

About Unmarshal:

Unmarshal is a leading Multi-chain Web 3.0 data network, delivering granular, reliable, and real-time data to dApps, DeFi protocols, NFTs, Metaverse, and GameFi solutions. Our platform provides easy access to Blockchain data from Ethereum, Polygon, BNB Chain, Avalanche, Fantom, Celo, Solana, Klaytn, Moonbeam, Kadena, Arbitrum, Redbelly Network, Metis, and XDC Network. With our network of data indexers and transformation tools, Unmarshal empowers Web 3.0 applications on any chain, providing a comprehensive view of transformed data.

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About Redbelly:

Redbelly is the world’s only public purpose-built Real-World Asset Tokenisation Network. Open, fast, scalable, cost-effective, and natively compatible with assets in regulated markets.

Redbelly Network’s Compliant Asset Tokenisation solution serves as a bridge between the regulated economy and the web3 economy, ensuring accountability, scalability, and security. With its formally verified Blockchain protocol and identity verification, Redbelly stands as a pioneer in the blockchain space, offering a solution that combines the best of both worlds — real-world regulation and the efficiency of web3 technology.

Official Links: https://linktr.ee/redbelly.network




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