Parser series (Part 3): How to Access your Smart Contract data through GraphQL

  1. What is Unmarshal Parser?
  2. Parser Series (Part 1): Setting Up your own Indexer Using Unmarshal Parser
  3. Parser series (Part 2): How to access your data through Metabase

Ok, but where do I define the schema for my GraphQL API? Or have you taken care of that too?

Sounds great, how do I get started?

  1. Head over to the parser section on your console.
  2. Click on the Graph QL: Add new+ button under the add-ons section.
Fig 1.1 Parser homepage highlighting the Add New button
Fig 1.2 Highlighted view details button once GraphQL is ready
Fig 1.3 GraphQL view details pop-up
  1. The GraphQL API endpoint itself. Which you could use to get data in your production environment
  2. An endpoint to access your GraphQL Playground. The playground section is intended to also serve as the documentation for the available GraphQL API.
Fig 1.4 GraphiQL playground for marsh_erc20_parser

But, what if I want an API which fetches data in a custom format and with custom filters?

  1. Head over to our Unmarshal Parser GraphQL GitHub.
  2. Raise a new pull request from a GitHub account linked to the email same as the Unmarshal Console user and mention, the parser id along with the query to fetch your data.
  3. Once verified for correctness and efficiency, we would merge the pull request and you would have access to the new API.

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