Setting Up your MetaMask with Unmarshal Custom RPC

3 min readMar 4, 2022

Following recent reports that some users are unable to access their Metamask wallets , Unmarshal has decided to make our nodes public. You can now configure your MetaMask wallet using the Unmarshal Network

Hello MetaMask Wallet Users,

After recent reports about certain users can’t access their MetaMask wallets, Unmarshal has decided to open our network of blockchain nodes to the public, so that they can integrate it with MetaMask.

Even though Unmarshal currently works as a single entity on indexed data storage, we always had plans about decentralization of everything we have to make sure the data we serve is validated and can be used for making financial decisions.

We are proud to say that we don’t track any of the users’ data including where they are dialing from.

Following is the user guide about how you can use Unmarshal node and explorer with MetaMask for Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and Polygon. Also Configuring as block explorer to have a unified experience across chains.

Adding Unmarshal’s Network RPC

Connecting to the node has to be done manually and here are the step-by-step guidelines:


Click on the top right corner to access your “Accounts”


Click on “Settings”


Click on “Networks”


Click on “Add Network” to add custom RPC


Now enter the fields with Unmarshal’s RPC mentioned below and click “Save”

Note: Follow these steps individually to add “Ethereum”, “BSC” and “Polygon” Endpoints separately.

Unmarshal Ethereum RPC Node

*While adding Ethereum network, ignore the warning which says “This ChainID is currently used by the mainnet network” as Ethereum defaults on MetaMask.

Unmarshal Binance Smart Chain RPC Node

Unmarshal Matic RPC Node

Note: Adding Unmarshal’s network on any one device does not guarantee that it will appear on all devices when accessing the same account. If you add it to Extension, it will not be added to your MetaMask Mobile app automatically, and vice versa.

Team Unmarshal




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