Unmarshal LP Staking on Hot Cross with 500,000 $MARSH as rewards

We’re thrilled to announce our LP staking program on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) in collaboration with HotCross. It’s a rejoice for Unmarshal token holders as the lucrative reward of 500,000 MARSH has been allocated to liquidity providers for a period of 90 days.

Users who are willing to convert their Unmarshal tokens from ETH chain to BSC, Please use the link: bridge.unmarshal.io

Refer to the docs for conversion: https://blog.unmarshal.io/how-to-convert-your-marsh-erc20-bep2o-using-unmarshal-binance-smart-chain-bridge-9857ba1b88c1

💰$MARSH Rewards Pool

500,000 $MARSH tokens have been allocated as rewards for staking $MARSH-BNB and $HOTCROSS-BNB LP tokens on Cross Pool.

The $MARSH LP staking pool has been allocated 80% of the total rewards i.e. 400,000 $MARSH. The rest of the rewards ie., 100,000 $MARSH is allocated to $HOTCROSS-BNB LP providers. Users will be able to Stake/Unstake $HOTCROSS instantly without having any delays or time-locks.

However, the rewards accumulated by staking $MARSH will have 30 days time delay from the day of unstaking from the pool.

🌊How to Participate

🐰Provide Liquidity on PancakeSwap to earn $MARSH LP Tokens

#Step1: Provide MARSH-BNB Liquidity on PancakeSwap V2.

Supply liquidity to MARSH-BNB pair in equal amount to get $CAKE-LP Tokens. The number of tokens will be proportional to your share of the pool.


$MARSH Contract: 0x2FA5dAF6Fe0708fBD63b1A7D1592577284f52256

#Step2: Stake your $CAKE-LP on CrossPool

Access the staking dashboard here: crosspool.hotcross.com

Connect your wallet to see your $CAKE LP tokens for providing liquidity. Stake your $CAKE-LP to start earning rewards. The rewards is displayed on the dashboard and can be claimed as per convenience.

Note: If you’re still on V1 of the LP staking program, please follow the migration guide to move your tokens to V2

$MARSH Use Cases

$MARSH will be the native token of the Unmarshal ecosystem where anyone can stake the tokens to become Indexers, Validators, Deployers, and many other roles as network contributors. Users who consume the data from the ecosystem will pay the network in $MARSH tokens as a fee, which will be distributed among the network contributors.

Note: Unmarshal Network is not Live yet. The network roles mentioned above are hypothetical. The roles will be described once the network is Live.

About Hot Cross

Hot Cross is an extensive multi-chain and cross-chain tool suite that enables blockchain teams and their communities to thrive. At its core, Hot Cross aims to be the best toolbox for ETH and EVM networks. Their development philosophy is agile and they are a cohort of builders who aggressively seek out opportunities to meet the demands of the now for both B2B and B2C. The core thesis that Hot Cross presents is that users and teams, when presented with sufficient tooling and freedom, will migrate in part to new networks that feel familiar. While Hot Cross is a company and an ecosystem in and of itself, our goals are towards allowing niche communities to flourish using our technologies, whether or not they know we are the ones building them.

Website | Github | Telegram | Twitter | Chat |Reddit | Discord

About Unmarshal

Unmarshal is a Multi-chain DeFi Data Network that facilitates seamless access to data on blockchains for any kind of decentralized applications.

To date, we have added support for Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Elrond, PolkaDot, and Substrate-based projects such as StaFi and Polygon. We are diving into the Layer-2 networks and empowering dApp developers to have easy access to on-data.

Check our docs and learn more on Unmarshal rich APIs: docs.unmarshal.io

Website | Telegram Chat | Telegram Announcement | Twitter | Medium




Blockchain data indexer and api provider

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Blockchain data indexer and api provider

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