Unmarshal New API Docs: A 360° view of Blockchain Data

Unmarshal is pleased to announce the debut of a new reference documentation experience for our APIs. The new documentation was methodically prepared by our team of engineers. It has a slew of features that can assist dApp developers in effortlessly accessing and hosting their apps across various blockchains that we’ve already indexed. The documentation is user pleasant and straightforward to read, ranging from basic APIs to get wallet balances and transactions to specialised APIs like Top Traders. The layout of our new documentation has been designed with Redoc.ly, The best OpenAPI documentation tool.

👉Link to API Docs: docs.unmarshal.io

Feature Highlights

  1. 3 Panel View: A responsive layout and interface including ‘request and response’
  2. Live testing of APIs: test out requests and responses directly within the API docs
  3. Multiple Programming Language Support: Go, Java, JavaScript, Python, Node.js, PHP, Ruby, C#
  4. Enhanced Search: The enhanced search functionality provides fast and detailed results including Request params, Response params, Descriptions and Examples
  5. With Sample Response: Includes JSON Samples of the API
  6. Incredible Loading Speeds

To try and test our APIs, users need to have the auth_key to pass on along with every query made. Please visit console.unmarshal.io to create an account with Unmarshal and start using the APIs. Once you login, an API Authentication Key is provided on the top right-hand corner under the ‘current plan’ section. This auth key allows users to access the staging environment. Simply attach the auth key (auth_key) as a query param of API URL to access a particular endpoint.

For any feedback, suggestions and to upgrade your plan, please contact us at support@unmarshal.io.

About Unmarshal

Unmarshal is a Multi-chain DeFi data network aiming to deliver granular, reliable & real-time data to dApps. It provides the easiest way to query Blockchain data from Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, Solana and XDC. Unmarshal network consists of data indexers and transforming tools to power DeFi applications on any chain.

For more information about Unmarshal, connect with us on our socials.

For any queries, reach out to us at info@unmarshal.io

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Blockchain data indexer and api provider

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Blockchain data indexer and api provider

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