Unmarshal Successfully Integrates Kadena into its Ecosystem After Receiving Grants from Kadena Eco

About Kadena

More About the Integration

  1. Transaction History API tracks all asset transfer events within the Avalanche blockchain.
  2. Decoded Transaction API provides an in-depth description of a particular transaction.
  3. Wallet Balance API to track users’ asset balances.
  4. Smart Notifications to give at-a-glance alerts of smart contract events that have been triggered.
  5. Token Store API searched by token contract address, this endpoint fetches exhaustive information about a given token.
  6. Block Details API , this endpoint returns all the block details of a specified chain when a block number is provided.

Coming Up..

dApp Bounty Program on Kadena using Unmarshal APIs

Xscan Integration

About Unmarshal



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